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My Curiosity? The Fiction Playground? Everything Awaits? What… What is this? There’s no explanation on the homepage, just three logos. One, dark blue with a maroon open book. Another, black with a bright golden pen scribbling nonsense. The third, red with a strange symbol growing from a creamy dot at the centre. It’s clear I should click on a logo, but which one? Along the top is a menu with four selections. “Home, My Curiosity, The Fiction Playground, and About”. About. That should explain everything. I click it, and… It knows I’m here. It knows what I’ve done since I entered this forsaken website. I must keep reading, even if it’s scary. It needs to explain itself. Where do those logos lead?

Hello, friend. Don’t fear. The creator has arrived to answer your enquiries. Yes, it’s confusing, so allow me to explain. Everything Awaits is a catalogue of my, Travis James's/Ocer's, short stories, poetry and blog posts. Ever wondered what you could do with Elon Musk’s net worth? You’ll find the answers in My Curiosity, home of my current, and future, blog posts. The Fiction Playground is my creative baby. My written children. Poetry and fiction dwell in three growing collections. They take minutes to read, but they’re free, so you have nothing to lose. Every collection, story, poem and blog post has a description to entice, so go and explore My Curiosity and The Fiction Playground. They're waiting.

Oh, before you go, if you have further enquires, email me at, or reach out on Facebook, Insta, or Twitter. Just click the icons at the bottom left. Have fun, and I’ll catch you around. Bye now.

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