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Alive by Demand

Black heels tapped anxiously on the slick, white tiles of a richly spacious bathroom. Bailey scratched her razor-sharp acrylic nails to the same tempo. They were waiting for her. The bright, young superstar with a golden smile and innocence of a child ten years younger. She leapt from the toilet seat, desperate to pace anxiously until calmness overtook her body.

“Come on, Bailey. Come on, Bailey. Come on, Bailey,” she mumbled, but stopped upon seeing a drained woman, identical to her, in the mirror’s reflection. Both wore glittering white dresses, decorated with heart-shaped diamonds, with blonde hair tied in a high bun. She looked like daddy’s little rich girl, but daddy loved his little girl’s money more than her, and everyone else loved that cute little Bailey. Appropriate for girls everywhere.

“One more night playing child for these distorted apes and you’re free,” she muttered, leaning against the basin.

Her reflection stared, disappointed by the wreck Bailey had become, but she shot back with angered eyes. If only she could cut that stupid bun, ruffle her hair, maybe stiffen it with gel, and dye it black for a perfect finish. What a fine Joan Jett impersonation, but her flat butt needed an upgrade, too. Pad it up and guys would drool over themselves to grind against her. What girl doesn’t love spit dripping from a man’s lips with his erection pressed against her? Thick as honey, some of them. Still… Bailey bent and flailed in a twerking attempt. ‘Come, get your soft and doughy buns, boys,’ she laughed with tears. Reporters would have a field day. Bailey’s booty blossoms. Girl turned woman.

She sighed. What was the point? Nobody cares about a twenty-four-year-old with serious music ambitions. That despicable reflection would stay, trapped like Bailey, until someone smashed the mirror and freed her. Today wasn’t the day. Bailey picked up a delicate glass bottle from beside the basin, sprayed the rose-scented perfume along her neck, sat it down and experimented with smiles until she looked happy. Time to go.

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