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Dangerous Woman

She is the end of me,

And beginning of us.

This dangerous heart thief has stolen enough of me, I am more hers than mine.

Those dark eyes,

And that sweet, addictive smile,

Lured me.

Lowered my guard.

While her kindness-beating heart knocked me to my knees.

A lifetime would never see me rise.

But that’s alright.

It’s nice looking up at her.


Her brilliance suffocates me.

Never have I met such elegance and beauty.

When thoughts spill from her lips…

It’s consuming.

They’ll doom me.

Damn this dangerous woman for being so alluring.

She’s mature,

But there is nothing more comforting than her silliness.

Clouds part from dark skies,

And from the shadows, she shines brighter than stars.

What more can one ask?


My pen leaks a future worth writing.

On every page,

In every letter,

Two lovers live full.

Another day,

Another adventure.

They discover a world,

Craft a legacy,

And in the end,

Reminisce about the old days.

The way things used to be.

Fighting through restrictions,

Conquering fears.

They realise,

Through thick and thin,

The only constant is them.

That’s all they need.

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