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Dear Younger Me...

Dear younger me,


Please accept advice from the wiser.

I know you think you’re clever.

That one day your million stories will endeavour ages,

but focus on now.

Stories on pages.

Even if it’s messy,

I’ll figure it out.

You’ll never outsell Christie or Shakespeare with nothing.

You’ll never outsell them because two billion is a big number.

One is your goal,

then two.

Who knows, maybe you’ll reach four.

Double each time until you forge a fandom.

Fiction is easy.

Reality is not.

Don’t forget which is what.


I envy your youthful optimism.

Your ability to create.

Don’t make my mistakes of late nights and tired days.

It’ll drain you.

It’s ok to relax once in a while.

You’re young.

Writing can wait.

Your mind is a beautiful thing.

Take care of it.

I know how much you hate blank thoughts.

But school’s there for when you’re not creative.

Yes, I know it’s stressful,

But school’s important.

I’m future you after all.

I should know.

Study something logical,

Business might suit well.


A lot has happened during the years that separate us.

But I have nothing more to reveal.

My present is something you have to experience.

Your stubborn, ignorant mind would alter my brilliant, complicated now.

Grow your own way.

You’ll understand this letter someday,

Hopefully sooner than I.

Be you in the future, kiddo

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