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Through the shadows, he peered as a young couple embraced, with eyes glued to a horror flick that played on their TV. A scene set during nighttime in a high school as teenagers lurked the halls on a monster hunt. Blood splattered along lockers as dead, bloody bodies lay skewered and twisted, some limbless and headless, on the ground. Shadower cared little for the tormented characters and loose-weaved plot. His large, milky eyes watched as the couple held each other closer. Smiles adorned their faces as the gruesome scene saw another pointless character slaughter at the claws of the hidden villain. Her head lay on his shoulder like it was a pillow, and he stroked her fizzy hair with his fat sausage fingers. Why did people do that?

Shadower stroked his own stiff hair with sharp, grey nails and watched as strands floated to the ground. Not pleasant. Maybe he was doing it wrong. No hair strands fell from her head as the boyfriend ran his fingers through it, but he had blunt nails. Hmmm. Shadower stared at his pale, bony fingers. He could bite the nails and try again, but the pointed tips were useful. Good for cutting. No, he shan’t. What were they doing now? She sat on his lap as he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist and kissed her red cheeks. Giggles erupted from her lips, loud enough to be heard by the neighbours, but they didn’t care. Shadower hadn’t felt such joy, but a smile curled in his lips at the sight.

He caressed her waist next, an act that forced her silent, but pleasure remained. Shadower did the same on himself. It tickled like a gentle breeze brushing along exposed skin. It would be nice to continue, but later. They were kissing as the film played, ignored in the background. A few characters remained. A protagonist and sidekicks armed with hockey sticks, poles and chairs. Essentials for monster slaying. Nothing mattered but their passionate lips pressed against each other. These moments could last eternal and lose no enjoyment. Shadower rubbed his finger against his cracked lips, but only found pain. Soft lips must be the secret. His eyes peered past the couple to the television screen. The remaining characters fight against the monster. A tall, thin, pale creature with razor nails and large, creamy eyes. Shadower stared again at his hands. No person from their world would show him the pleasures the couple knew. As the monster lay slain, gooey, black blood leaking through its chest, Shadower vanished to his void. It was only him.

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