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She caught sight of her prey the moment he strode in wearing a suit dripping with wealth. Untrained eyes might assume it was a cheap, knock-off, but the gold watch wasn’t fake. At the bar, he scanned every female face while sipping something on the rocks, but her thirsty glances were more delicious than his poison. He left his half-drunk drink and swirled through the crowd until he was against this exquisite lioness. He could chew all night and crave dessert afterwards.

A few drinks led to his city penthouse, but there was no time for sightseeing. No glance at the hundred inch wallpaper TV, tour of the kitchen with marble tabletops, or visit to the King-size bathroom. Her only interest was his bedsheets. Their clothes formed a strew path from the front door to his master bedroom. He moaned gently as she sat on his belly and pulled his thin chest hairs.

“Give me more.” She whispered, nibbling his skin, leaving teeth marks and blood. “Delicious.” He squinched as she bit him. Her lips climbed his chest, neck and chin until her teeth sunk into his fat bottom lip. He moaned louder. Her hands found their way to his head and squeezed. “Scream”.

Her nails sharpened to claws as she dug through his skull to his brain. He gasped for air he couldn’t breathe as his body spasmed and struggled to fight the fiery, rampant fever. Nerves burned numb and muscles turned squishy until he lay a paralysed, empty shell.

Blood and brain fragments stuck to her claws as she yanked them out. Her split tongue unravelled and swirled around them to clean the mess. “Mmm.” she said with a hungry grin. No longer was she a petite woman, but a monstrous, melted blob. What to eat first? Hands were always crunchy.

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